Ruby (gothred) wrote,


I was helping Robin with a puzzle of hers. At first there was this desire to see the picture. So we frantically matched pieces here and there. But as the picture became clearer and clearer, my desire subdued. In fact, I felt like by continuing, we were beginning to destroy something beautiful. A finished puzzle is just a picture. Like millions of other pictures. But an unfinished puzzle has character. It tells a story. It shows what the makers of the puzzle were interested in and what they didn't care about. An unfinished puzzle is also aesthetically more interesting. Not just a rectangle. But a complex fractal-like shape that can be different every time. But is exactly how it is now. Of all the possible ways of being unfinished, this is how the puzzle is unfinished now. There's such a fragile beauty in that. I wonder if any of this applies to humans.
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